Microsoft for Startups

BBChain is an official Microsoft Partner!

In a competitive universe such as the technology market, we understand that great partnerships generate excellent results. Microsoft for Startups is a platform that seeks to understand the needs of startups in the market, especially in their early stages. We are proud to sign this partnership seeking commitment to our customers.

R3 Corda

BBChain is the only one in Latin America on R3's list of global partners!

With the launch of Partner Connect, R3 is pleased to feature partners that already have expertise in deploying Corda Enterprise for financial services customers. Featured partners at launch include Accenture, BBChain, Capgemini, Cognizant, Deon Digital and Nasdaq. Additional industries and featured partners will be added throughout 2021.”


Available on the Azure Marketplace

Discover our solutions and purchase our products as services directly in your Azure Marketplace account with integrated Billing/Billing without the need for additional contracts in the purchase process.