Agrochain, an agribusiness startup, decided to use Blockchain to leverage the value of its MVP. BBChain developed the entire front end in React (JS and Native) and the back end in Java. With BlockchainLab, we provisioned all the blockchain network infrastructure needed for MVP validation.

The project was delivered on iOS, Android, and WEB, without the need to create or maintain its infrastructure for the Blockchain network.




Fohat eTech Global

Fohat eTech Global needed to develop a blockchain network to be part of the eXmarket platform, using the best practices in blockchain under the Corda Enterprise technology optics [from R3], chosen by the company because it is a network widely used by the financial segment in several parts of the world.

eXmarket's blockchain network needed to support the expected demand for transactions, as well as ensure transparency, visibility, and scalability for its operation, which in turn follows business logics designed for the asset trading sector of the Free Energy Market in Brazil.



B3 & IRB Brasil 

Reinsurance Market

For B3 (the largest exchange in Latin America) to realize its innovative projects, BBChain provided its Professional Service on Blockchain.

One of these innovative projects was the B3 & IRB Brasil reinsurance project, in which we used the DLT R3 Corda technology to develop solutions, from the assembly and architecture of the Blockchain/DLT Corda using Cloud technologies to the development of the DApp/Smart Contract and the Interface (Front/Back).


Blockchain Asset Tokenization

The OTC Exchange operates a permissioned network based on R3's Corda Enterprise platform, one of the most advanced blockchain technologies for tokenizing financial assets.

​All instruments, smart contracts, and transactions are registered with this encryption, ensuring the integrity of digital assets and operations. In addition, our cloud databases are maintained and supervised following the strictest standards applicable to Financial Institutions.




"They will guarantee that the registration is complete, unique, and available. Therefore, we will bring more security, uniqueness of information, and confidence in what is brought to the register. All these features drastically reduce risk, the need for guarantees, and the costs for the entire chain when we have such a platform in operation", highlights Aldo Luiz Chiavegatti Filho, CIP's financial market infrastructure superintendent.


What is Blockchain? + miscellaneous

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