Fohat eTech Global

Country: Brazil
Market: Brazil and Latin America
Industry: Energy

Fohat eTech Global [] is a Brazilian energy tech company with international recognition that develops and enables technological platforms, services and infrastructure for the energy sector, built on the principle  of digitalization, decentralization, and decarbonization [Energy 3D's] and on ESG [Environmental, Social and Governance]. Based in Curitiba, it is one of the business units of Fohat Corporation [], an energy intelligence company that operates in favor so society may have affordable and more accessible energy, a more democratic market and the preservation of natural resources for this and the next generations.

Currently, Fohat eTech Global's portfolio has two product lines. In the Generation line, the highlight is the eNewgrid platform, dedicated to intelligent management and dispatch of assets. In the Commercialization line, are the platforms eTradeflow [dedicated to contractual flows], eFinchain [dedicated to financial flows] and eXmarket [architected as a one-stop shop for energy assets].

Energy for a better life.


The Challenge 

Fohat eTech Global needed to develop a blockchain network to be part of the eXmarket platform, using the best practices in blockchain under the Corda Enterprise technology [from R3 company], widely used by the financial segment in several parts of the world. 

The eXmarket's blockchain network needed to support the foreseen demand for transactions, as well as guarantee transparency, visibility, and scalability for its operation, that follows Brazil’s Free Energy Market business logic. 

The Solution 

With a good planning supported by BBChain, we divided the project into two lines of work that happened in parallel, bringing agility between BBChain and Fohat eTech Global teams in the search for the expected results.  

In one line, the team involved went up the network to execute the MVP of CordApp. In the other, it accelerated the process of developing and architecting the new version of CordApp. In total, it took only three weeks to deploy the MVP, validate the applications, and evolve to CordApp.


The Benefits 

Igor Ferreira, CEO of Fohat eTech Global and Fohat Corporation, said that

“Reduced costs and time to integrate the CordApp network solution into our eXmarket platform, wich allowed us to fulfill key steps in our development pipeline for our product. Fohat-igor-ferreira-bIt enabled us to deliver the most advanced technological infrastructure so that our sister company, Beenx [], could be launched as the first digital one-stop shop for energy in Brazil”, The CEO also emphasizes the quality of the solution delivered by BBChain.

The CEO also emphasizes the quality of the solution delivered by BBChain. “We had already worked on building our own network from scratch, but with the use of BlockchainLab we could quickly create the test networks, the production and validate all our business processes in segregated mats [test, approval and production]. The CordApp design consulting service and the architecture support during our journey added great value as well, leaving us very satisfied.”


Photo by Riccardo Annandale on Unsplash




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