BBChain opens new office at Recife's Digital Port

BBChain is pleased to announce the opening of its new office in Recife's renowned technology center, the Digital Port

BBChain opens new office at Recife's Digital Port

BBChain, is a startup specialized in Blockchain (DLT) for enterprises and proud to announce the opening of its new office in the technology center of Recife, Digital Port, inside Pitang, one of the direct investors in the startup, also located in Digital Port for past 15 years. This move highlights an important milestone for the company in expanding its services to one of the most prominent technology centers in Brazil.

The Digital Port

The Digital Port is a technology park located in Recife, Brazil. Since 2000, it is home to more than 300 companies in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector and offers incubation services, co-working spaces, funding opportunities and access to an international innovation network. With this new office, BBChain will be able to offer its clients more efficient services and access to resources that will help them develop their businesses.


About BBChain

BBChain specializes in helping organizations understand how Blockchain/DLT technologies can improve their operations, providing consulting services tailored to their specific needs as well as products such as BlockchainLab, which allows you to accelerate your Blockchain deliverables from months to weeks, reducing your upfront project costs by up to 40%. BBChain's team of experts has extensive experience working with both startups and Fortune 500 companies on projects ranging from cryptocurrency exchanges to data management systems. With the addition of its new office at Digital Port, BBChain will be able to provide these same services more efficiently and effectively to clients in the northeast region. In addition to attracting new talent from the area to its team generating positive impact and greater diversity in its workforce, as well as a closer service to customers.

BBChain Recife team celebrating carnival with Pitang


Welcome aboard, BBChain!

BBChain's new office in the Digital Port is an important turning point for the company as it continues its mission to provide innovative Blockchain/DLT solutions to companies around the world. Its team of experts is committed to helping clients understand how Blockchain and other technologies can benefit them, while in parallel ensuring that they receive a personalized service tailored specifically to their business needs. With this move, BBChain is well positioned to continue offering Blockchain/DLT solutions to industry leaders, while providing access to resources that are only available at the Digital Port. CTO's, CIO's, CEO's, Tech Managers should take note - BBChain is ready!

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