Discover our SaaS solution for the creation and governance of corporate Blockchain networks/consortia

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Security by Design

All-access protection, edge with FW and DDoS, plus Global class API Gateway delivered to all customers.

Get Key protection, Layer 3 Firewall, Layer 7 Firewall, Encryption in transit and at rest, confidential computing, and many other features. Previously available or accessible only to large companies, these features are now delivered as services at no additional cost.

Governance is one of the key pieces of any Blockchain Network

With BlockchainLab, you can add or remove members from your network, invite external participants and provide different access profiles based on access rules (RABC). You can also direct the Nodes update schedule centrally with a few clicks.

Monitoring the entire network, its Nodes, components, and each participant has never been more straightforward.

Up to 60% cost and time savings in building your Enterprise Blockchain network

Building an Enterprise Blockchain network is a time, financial and skilled labor challenge that significantly impacts your deliveries and the quality of services. At BlockchainLab, we put more than eight years of experience and knowledge from dozens of successful projects to deliver a solution focused on providing value and not just technology.

The reduction can reach 70% compared to a project started from scratch, allocating teams and building each network, in addition to post-deployment maintenance and support.


Discover our training:

The complete training is divided into three parts that you can purchase separately.

BBChain recommends that all parts be acquired so subscribers can, throughout the training, participate in all hands-on moments and, in the end, develop their CordApps and create a Corda network.

Corda Developers Beginner

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We are transitioning significantly from the Internet of Information to the Internet of Value. Businesses, in general, transport information, in other words, values, which are assets that can be tangible or intangible.

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Corda Network (CENM)

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Corda Enterprise Network Manager (CENM) is a commercial offering from R3 that facilitates the operation of a bespoke Corda network that gives the user complete control over all aspects of deployment, processes, and consensus rules.

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With Professional Service, you develop your Blockchain project your way, from scratch, or with BlockchainLab, for example, to deliver value acceleratedly.

Blockchain Squad

With an average allocation of 3 to 5 months, this Squad is focused only on developing the Smart Contract/DApp and its API, not working on Back-End, Front-End, QA, or Design solutions, conducted by customer teams.

Blockchain Consulting

Our Blockchain experts will help you design your Blockchain project, validate your business proposal, advising on the best technologies and directions before you even start construction.

Full Blockchain Project Team

A complete team with a Designer, QA, Front-End, BackEnd, Blockchain Specialist, and Blockchain engineers is available to build, deploy, and support your Blockchain solution.


Any doubts left?

What kind of Team do I need for my Project?

Talk to our Sales team, and we'll direct you to the best possible solution for your use case.

How long is a Blockchain project?

The duration of a project varies according to the scope of each line of business. It can be three months - using BlockchainLab, for example or years when the client decides to build from scratch and integrate with all its legacy systems using only its teams, given the learning curve of the technologies involved.

We always recommend starting with an MVP, gaining maturity, and scaling your project in integrations and complexity.

How much does a Blockchain project cost?

Talk to our commercial team, and we will understand your scope and direct you to the best cost-benefit within your possibilities.

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