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Bem-vindo ao BBChain CarbonLess, a nova era da compensação de carbono. Nosso produto é uma plataforma de tokenização de créditos de carbono, permitindo controle e comercialização da neutralização da pegada de carbono. Com a tecnologia blockchain, trazemos segurança e controle, tornando a ação em prol do meio ambiente mais transparente e eficaz.




Neutralize your Carbon Footprint with Blockchain

Welcome to BBChain CarbonLess, the new era of offsetting your carbon footprint. Our product is a carbon credit tokenization platform, allowing control and commercialization of carbon footprint neutralization. With blockchain technology, we bring security and control, making action in favor of the environment more transparent and effective.

BBChain CarbonLess - Carbon Credits Marketplace

Why Choose BBChain CarbonLess?

CarbonLess is a Marketplace aimed at people, companies and corporations that seek to neutralize their carbon footprint and contribute to improving the environment. With BBChain CarbonLess, you can tokenize carbon credits, perform offset control and tracking via blockchain, and turn your carbon emissions into positive actions.

How it works?

Using Blockchain Technology, our platform allows you to tokenize your carbon credits and carry out all emission control and compensation of these tokens. You can choose projects aligned with your values ​​and goals, select units corresponding to your carbon footprint, and contribute to environmental sustainability. Each ton of carbon credit on our platform can be configured for a thousand tokens (or a fraction of the credit), simplifying the transaction and investment in sustainable projects.

Choose Your Project

Explore our certified projects and choose the one that best aligns with your interests and sustainable values.


Get Your Carbon Credits

Purchase carbon credits easily and safely, knowing that each credit contributes to a greener future.

Carbon Credits available in various biomes.

Invest Today and Make a Difference!

Offset your carbon emissions and invest in sustainable projects with BBChain CarbonLess. Together, we can build a greener, more sustainable future for generations to come. Turn your carbon footprint into positive actions today!

Our partners

Working side by side with organizations committed to sustainability, our carbon credits marketplace offers verified and certified projects that promote the reduction of emissions and drive positive initiatives for the environment.

Reduction in costs and integration time of the Corda network solution into our eXmarket platform, which allowed us to complete fundamental stages in our product development pipeline.

Create your Blockchain Network in Minutes

Build your Blockchain Multicloud network in different regions
according to your demands.

Blockchain represents approximately 20% of your project. Use our solutions to accelerate your entire delivery and stay focused on the use case.





Native DR/HA support allowing you to scale from MVP to full-scale production.



Have a guaranteed backup of your data according to the scale of your plan



Support options 12hx5d, for commercial applications during business hours or 24hx7d for high availability


Integrated Custody

Integrated Custody Solution with native HSM with BBChain Keeper.



DREX/CBDC solution integrated via Sandbox

Transform Your Carbon Footprint into Positive Actions.

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